Deer are the only mammals in the world that grow an appendage year on year. The amazing growth ability that has been attributed in forming the amazing range of active ingredients found in deer velvet. 


There are so many amazing benefits from taking deer antler velvet. Deer antler is a truly amazing supplement. Kingly deer antler velvet is one of the oldest and most natural health supplements in the world that can cure illness like arthritis and easing psoriasis.


Deer antler velvet provides a 100% renewable 2,000 year old super supplement with over 390 naturally forming and active ingredients that has a huge number of benefits for health.

Kingly Pure

Kingly Pure is the best to support your general health. Intended by natural as 100% pure deer antler velvet found only in New Zealand.

Kingly Life

Kingly Life works best to those having issues with joint and arthritis. Make this your daily supplement to support your joints.

Kingly Active

Kingly Acitve is for those working out or training. Do more what you do with fast body repairs and recovery after your physical activity.

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