Deer Antler Velvet: Positive and Negative Effects

Andouiller de Cerf, Antler Velvet, Bois de Cerf, Bois de Cerf Rouge,  Bois de Velours, Bois de Wapiti, Cervus elaphus,  Cornu Cervi Parvum, Elk Antler, Horns of Gold, Lu Rong, Nokyong, Rokujo, Terciopelo de Cuerno de Venado, Velours de Cerf, Velvet of Young Deer Horn or let's just call it Deer Velvet is now available as supplements to help boost strength and endurance. Also, to promote a fast recovery as it improves the immune system. That means, you are warded off fom diseases and infections. 

So, what are the uses and side effects of this supplemet? 
Evidence shows that it aids muscles pains, acts as an aphrodisiac,lowers cholesterol and high blood pressure, relief from asthma, helps digestion, prevents cancer and other conditions. 

No side effects but with precautions for pregnant and breast feedin. So stay safe and avoid taking it. 

If you have hormone-sensitive conditions avoid expsure to estrogen which deer antler has.

Be sure to consult your physician or other healthcare professional before taking any supplements or drugs. It is necessary to be safe and dosage is very much important.

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