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Because of its growing popularity, deer antler velvet supplements have earned a good reputation since it was first introduced. Many people who seek for the right treatment of their common illnesses are turning to deer velvet and eventually received a positive result after using it. However, also a lot of people are curious and having some doubts and concerns about the use of deer antler supplements that older adults should take.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding on deer antler velvet with answers being provided:

What exactly is deer antler velvet?


Deer antler velvet is an industry term used to describe the deer's antler that grows in early spring before their breeding season starts. The term velvet comes from the covering of the antlers on their growth stage. The growth of the antler occurs every year and the antlers of the deer are only shed off at the end of their breeding season. The antler of deers are the only mammalian tissue that is usually shed and regrown every year.


What's in a deer antler velvet?


Deer antler velvet is one of the most powerful and special all-natural health supplement. It contains most of the concentrated minerals and nutritional substances that your body also produces and needs. It is made up of almost 400 naturally, forming active ingredients such as Glucosamine, IG-1, IGF-2, Chondroitin, Lipids, Protein, Calcium, Iron, Amino Acids, and many more.


Who uses it?


Almost everyone can use deer antler supplements because of its broad range of benefits. It ranges from older adults, young professionals, athletes to children, healthy or sick. Almost eighty percent of the population in the world can benefit from it in the right doses depending on their body type and health condition. Referrals from medical professionals, such as naturopath doctors, physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and fitness trainers, athletes, bodybuilders and coaches are helping in promoting the use of deer antler supplements.


What are the improvements one can expect?


The benefits of deer antler velvet are: improve general health, increase energy level and endurance, improves blood circulation and blood supply, increase muscular development and strength, reduce blood pressure, promote healthy bones and joint, stimulate your immune system's function, improve sexual health, improve flexibility, improve mental health, muscle recovery and supports anti-aging.


Is it safe?


Yes. All the growth factors found in deer antler velvet are naturally occurring and totally safe. Research has shown that taking deer antler supplements at recommended and proper doses has no adverse reactions or effects and it is non toxic. Just make sure that you purchase legal and quality deer antler supplements to avoid purchasing synthetic ones or with mixed chemical substances.


Are deers being killed?


Of course no. Deer antler velvet is collected humanely and ethically. The removal of the antler is done while they are alive, usually restrained and under anesthesia. The procedure is painless and quick. After the procedure is done, deers are released back into their herd. Keep in mind that an antlered deer pose a danger to its herd, therefore the removal of the antler is done and required on deer farms.

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